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Revival Fuel Intra-Workout
Revival Fuel Intra-Workout
Revival Fuel Intra-Workout

Revival Fuel Intra-Workout

7 reviews
Plant Based Aminos Vegan Gluten Free Gm Free
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Fuel Intra-Workout

Fuel Intra-Workout contains a blend of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), essential amino acids (EAAs), hydration and an electrolyte mix.A combination of these ingredients will ensure your body receives the much needed amino acids that are required for muscle growth and repair. The hydration and electrolyte mix ensures your body is well hydrated and topped upwith the essential minerals to support healthy bodily function. Fuel is glutenfree, dairy free and vegan friendly.

When we engage in exercise, our body constantly breaks downand builds up muscle tissue, making it essential to get proper nutrition to help the muscle rebuild and grow stronger. Certain amino acids, like essential amino acids (EEAs) and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), are vital when it comes to supporting the growth and recovery phase. Fuel Intra-workout provides you with a powdered blend of plant based amino acids to fuel your most intense and enduring workouts.

Exceptional value

An award-winning formula with a unique formulation.

2:1:1 BCAAs & EAAs

10g of plant based BCAAs & EAAs

25g serving size

The markets most comprehensive intra-workout formula.

Why take Fuel Intra-Workout

The main purpose for Fuel Intra-Workout is to provide you with the nutrients of the BCAAs and EAAs to support muscle growth, recovery and performance. Fuel is tailored for people who involve themselves in rigorous exercise and require the additional support of aminos, hydration and electrolytes

How to use Fuel Intra-Workout


Mix 25g scoop per 500-700ml of water in a revival shaker bottle.


Shake well for a smooth drink.


Consume during your workout or sip on it during the day for an amino boost.

Our Mission

Manufacturing out of Brisbane, QLD our focus is on high quality ingredients that are natural,safe and effective.

Our focus is to provide you with consistently reliable, affordable and enjoyable supplements.


Per serve (25g - 2 Scoops)

2:1:1 BCAA/EAA Blend

3500mg - L-Leucine

1750mg - L-Valine

1750mg - L-Isoleucine

800mg - Phenylalanine

800mg - L-Lysine

650mg - Threonine

500mg - Methionine

130mg - Tryptophan

120mg - Histidine

Hydration & Electrolyte

1200mg - Coconut Water Powder

1000mg - Taurine

200mg - Sodium

200mg - Potassium

200mg - Calcium

200mg - Magnesium


  • Gluten free
  • GM free
  • Vegan Aminos
  • Vegan
Customer Reviews
5.0 Based on 7 Reviews
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LuLu A.
Australia Australia
Great flavour

Great product and flavour

Julia K.
Canada Canada
Amazing product!

I love the product, having it throughout training is a life saver.

Melanie D.
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Awesome products.

Great taste, great value, great quality. Smashed 3PB's since consuming these products.

revival Revival Fuel Intra-Workout Review
Victor M.
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Awesome product that ticks all the nutritional boxes you could look for in a intra-workout

Rodney T.
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Fuel hydration & recovery

Good flavour to water when hydrating at work and home, also after work outs & helps with muscle recovery.

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Free delivery on orders over $150. Orders under $150 are at a $10 flat rate.


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