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How to take

When to take:

Pre Training – We recommend consuming 1-2 scoops of Fantasy about 10-20minutes prior to training. This time depends on your body weight, age and sensitivity. Usually it takes a couple of times to know when it starts to work for you.

Work – We recommend consuming 1-2 scoops of pre workout during work if you feel like you need the extra energy and health benefits. Pre workout can be a great alternative to energy drinks that are loaded with sugar. We recommend sipping on it to extend the benefits.

How to take:

Mix 1-2 Scoops (12.5-25g) into 250-350ml of water and shake lightly for a smooth mix.


Close package immediately after using and store in a cool dry place away from excessive heat or moisture. We recommend also placing this in the fridge to keep it from clumping.